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Why Jacq Fysio & Sportsrehab?

Jacq Fysio & Sportsrehab is a modern physiotherapy clinic, situated in the well equipped fitness center Statensport, where all facilities can be used for physical rehabilitation. We have over 25 years of experience which has been gained working in orthopedic and sports rehabilitation clinics in Amsterdam, Hawaii and outpatient rehabilitation therapy in Florida. Since 2006 the clinic is established in the Hague. The clinic has a great affinity with the international community and is affiliated with the International Community Platform.



The method of treatment has been developed through the many years of experience working with (professional) athletes. This approach has been proven to work as well on all types of joint- and muscle complaints with fast and lasting results. The individual approach remains the key focus.


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Do not ignore your injuries, prevent aggravation or longterm treatment.



Muscle and joint complaints

complaints or injuries to areas such as shoulders, knees, ankles as well as pre- and post-surgery rehabilitation.

Back and neck complaints

complaints of the spine caused by overload, posture- or workrelated, insufficient core stability.

Sports rehabilitation and sports injuries

acute or chronic injuries. Extensive experience with almost all sports disciplines and dance.